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Amazon UK

"Fab product, does exactly what it says. Bought it to secure 3 loose tiles that were just laid rather than pull them up and relaying. Would recommend to anyone with the same problem, secured the tiles wonderfully, job done"


Amazon UK

"Good product, easy to use, clear instructions. Per previous reviews be careful when removing nozzle from hole at this point still very runny, but a finger over the nozzle stops it. Would agree with other users buy an extra tube , Was very pleased with the end results."

Amazon Customer

Amazon UK

"Excellent product, beats any other standard product in mainstream DIY stores. The difference is this is liquid based and it filters through the hole with any assistance.

Expensive but definitely worth it."

Malcolm Crane

Amazon UK

"Really good product , works extremely well and easy to use."

Giovanni Tedesco

Amazon UK

"I have used it a couple times now. First occasion, I could easily remove the loose tiles from the adhesive and I used this to "glue" it back on. No issues with this and the tiles are still down over 9months now. The other occasion the tiles were secured but with some movement. I followed the manufacturer's instructions about drilling holes in the grout and injecting the adhesive. Again no issues and the tiles are still securely glued down. The only issue I had was around the number of screw bits I got through drilling into the grout as I used a 2mm bit which easly broke if I rushed the drilling process."

Susan Monteith

Amazon UK

"I bought this product for my husband to fix a number of loose and hollow tiles in our bathroom.
He was absolutely delighted with the ease of use and the end result.
He would recommend this product to anyone with this problem as an efficient and relatively inexpensive solution."


Amazon UK

"Omg I thought I was gonna have to take a few tiles up that were slightly loose well what can I say used this and not loose anymore I recon this have saved me loads of time and money well worth trying before u rip it up"

Multazim M

Amazon UK

"Can't fault it. It worked - used on a large 600mm by 600mm tile laid on concrete floor.
Tile was moving probably due to the grout and tile adhesive coming away.
Applied it 2 months ago- as per instruction. It has not moved since."

Stephen Edwards

Amazon UK

"Did a great job, thanks"

Amazon Customer

Amazon UK

"I had a large number of porcelain tiles (600mm x 600mm) which unfortunately were not laid properly. Rather than take them all up I decided to try out Fix a Floor. My issue was mainly movement around the edge of the tiles where adhesive had not been placed. I was able to drill a number of small holes along the problem areas and pump fix a floor in - it worked a threat. I've used 6 tubes so far - I was surprised how big the voids were under my tiles. Unfortunately for me I'll probably need to buy more as I'm still finding problem areas."


Ebay UK

"Several kitchen floor tiles were loose and I faced the prospect of getting a tiler in to re-tile the whole floor, not a cheap project. I saw this product on the internet and the YouTube videos, but I was sceptical. However, for £12.99, it was worth a go. I did exactly as the video showed and the results were amazing, something so cheap and simple. Would I recommend this or buy it again?....Oh, yes!"


Ebay UK

"I was VERY sceptical about this product and it was qute expensive.... BUT.

When I got it I was still sceptical, But I (unusually) read the instructions whein seemed pretty easy.. And it is!

Long story short, I used as directed, to refix some loos floor tiles in my Ensuite. one had come COMPLETELY adrift! The tiles cost a LOT of money and cracked/ came loose as out new house settled. They were stuck directly to the subfloor and we have underfloor heating, so ripping it all up would have been a NIGHTMARE.

24 hours after useing as directed... I have to admit I was VERY VERY IMPRESSED!!

really I cannot complain about this product. But just be aware of the following.

The tube I used only did about half the job,( but WHAT A JOB!)
So be prepared to pump in as much as you need, it will still be cheaper buy more than to re-tile.

It is VERY VERY VERY runny so remember to have a wet cloth handy and to put your finger over the end of the nozzle as quickly as you can when going from one hole to the next.

I have now ordered a second tube to finish the job as I am certain this has sorted my problems.

Far from being *expensive*, compared to the costs and work involved in re tiling the floor, this is a VERY cheap alternative!

SO glad I discovered this product and ignored my sceptical side.

(I am a property maintenance engineer working on a large commercial site so I spend 5 days a week repairing buildings. I have used some rubbish products / tools etc. over the years ,but this is the Daddy!!!


Ebay UK

"an excellent, easy solution to what we thought was a major job - thanks"


Ebay UK

"this has worked for me i had electric matt system under expensive heavy porcelin tiles which had been laid down dot and dab style by divvy tiler so i had to trace wires and be careful when removing some of the grout i was a bit sceptical if this would work or not but it did seems solid and tiles have stopped moving."

captain blackwood

Ebay UK

"Great product may seem a bit pricey but it saves time and does the job."


Ebay UK

"Follow the YouTube video and it works perfectly."



"This product does exactly what it says, it was easy to use and fixed the problem tiled areas perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone, with only one caveat you will use more than you think you were going to."



"For many years, a section of solid wood flooring has lifted during the summer and all attempts to deal with it have been unsuccessful. It would go down during the winter and come up again the following summer. I suspect that this is the effect of varying humidity levels. So I bought some Fix-A-Floor and (during the winter) using some long plastic tubing, managed to lift an edge and inject it under the flooring, reaching maybe half a metre from the edge as far as the lifting area. As it was winter the floor went down as I removed the support and tubing, and we stood weights on it for 24 hours. Now, in the middle of a very hot summer spell, the floor is still down. Result!"

Stuart Biggs


"5 tiles affected. Though I eventually needed 5 tubes, problem solved. Just a pity you cannot see the extent of the gap before you start if only to save on the carriage charges."



"Used this on a wooden conservatory floor that had sunk by the doorway. It took 4 tubes to resolve the problem but saved us having to lift and relay the floor. Highly recommended."



"Really good solution for my loose tiles, much easier than replacing the culprits"



"This is a first class product that is as easy to use as the promotional video shows. Tap the tiles to determine the area to be filled, drill the holes, vacuum out the dust and squeeze in the adhesive. Wipe down and that's it, job done. I only wish this had been on the market earlier, would have saved me hours in lifting and re-laying loose tiles."

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