Q: What is Fix-A-Floor?
A: Fix-A-Floor is an Extra Strength bonding adhesive customised for the specific use of Re-Bonding loose and hollow tile, marble, Porcelain, Stone tile floors or even squeeky wood floors without the headache and mess of removing or replacing them. Its simple and easy to use and can be done by anyone who can operate a drill, caulking gun and nix a small batch of grout. 

Q: Will Fix-A-Floor work if I have underfloor heated areas?
A: Yes, Fix-A-Floor is ideal for use on underfloor heated areas. Although the underfloor heating is generally underneath the substrate, we suggest as a caution to mark the drill to the depth of the tile. Once Cured Fix-A-Floor dries with elastomeric properties meaning it will cope with any fluctuations in temperature and won’t supress any heat whilst maintaining a strong bond with your tiles. We suggest leaving the underfloorheating off for 24 hours prior to application and slightly longer after application to allow Fix-A-Floor to cure naturally.

Q: I have thin grout-lines how can I apply Fix-A-Floor?
A: The tip of each tube is suitable for 2-3mm holes or larger. If the gap in your grout-line is less than this you can apply Fix-A-Floor using one of our Syringe kits which has a smaller flat steel tip. You can either use a smaller drill to create access points or alternatively you can use a Stanley Knife to scrape out part of the grout.

Q: Some of my grout is missing or completely gone? How can I use Fix-A-Floor?
A: If bits and pieces of grout are missing here and there around the problem area, just go ahead and Drill & Fill! The adhesive will actually help to re-bond the bits that are cracking and loose. If your grout is completely gone we recommend lightly re grouting the area allow to dry and then Drill & Fill!

Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor to fix my entire floor or just a small area?
A: Fix-A-Floor works great on all size problem areas from 1 tile to the whole entire floor! It is suitable for use on all types of substrate including, Tile, Porcelain, Marble, Stone & can even be used on creaky Wood floors too!

Q: What if I only use part of a tube?
A: No problem! Every Fix-A-Floor tube is supplied with a click-on cap that retains any unused adhesive inside. Fix-A-Floor has an extremely long shelf-life when stored at room temperature.

Q: How many tubes will I need to use on my floor?
A: This all depends on the extent of the issue underneath your floor. Whilst each standard 300ml tube will cover approximately 4sq ft, the amount of Fix-A-Floor needed can vary dependent on the depth and size of the problem underneath the floor. Fix-A-Floor has been designed to be extremely fluid and will flow freely underneath the flooring to cover the entire void until it exits from one of the opposing holes drilled.

Q: How much pressure do I need to apply when using Fix-A-Floor?

A: The tip of each bottle is 2-3 mm wide, although this can be cut to larger sizes if necessary. We suggest applying gentle pressure to enable Fix-A-Floor to exit from the tip of the tube. If you apply excessive pressure or if you don't have the tip of the bottle upright or vertical this can cause a buildup of pressure inside the tube resulting in wastage from the rear of the tube. 

Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor outside on my patio or deck?
A: Fix-A-Floor is suitable for use predominantly indoors but you can also use Fix-A-Floor on small outdoor covered areas too providing the area is water-sealed and isn't exposed to excessive water.

Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor in my shower or Pool?
A: Fix-A-Floor is not recommended for areas with exposed to excessive moisture, It can be used in bathroom areas where the floor is water-sealed after application usually by grouting.

Q: Is Fix-A-Floor Safe?
A: Yes! Fix-A-Floor is a non-toxic, non-flammable and Eco-Friendly water based adhesive.

Q: Do I have to place buckets of water on my floor after I Drill & Fill?
A: It is recommended you place some kind of weight on the area to aid in curing and to be sure no excess adhesive is trapped under your floor before re grouting. It is not mandatory.

Q: What if I don’t see the adhesive coming up out of the other holes?
A: While filling Fix-A-Floor will usually come up and out of the other drilled holes. If this does not happen move to another hole and continue to fill, the adhesive is still travelling under the floor. If you see the adhesive coming back up out of the hole you are filling, be sure you are NOT pressing the tip of the tube down onto the sub floor.

Q: Is Fix-A-Floor a PVA Glue?
A: No, Fix-A-Floor most definitely is not a PVA Glue. PVA glues are predominantly used for wood applications and most certainly would not be suitable as a permanent repair for loose or hollow flooring. Fix-A-Floor is a specially formulated free-flowing high strength adhesive that cures with elastomeric properties not only ensuring a strong permanent bond with the substrate but also allows for any fluctuations in temperature or traffic on the floor above.

Q: Can the Fix-A-Floor syringe kits be re-used?
A: Yes Absolutely! - Simply wash out the syringe kit with warm water after use and all good to go!